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Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Stock


It will ensure the good gain with minimum risk during deep market correction. Recent market correction has brought it into our buying range and given very good opportunity to buy the unique boutique at deep discount, even promoter have bought the preferential issue @ Rs 90 which is almost 50% above cmp. In India, it is called, Mumbai stock exchange. Also, in order to eliminate currency exchange risk, use a local online trading broker that allows trading in your local currency. stocks can be bought and sold from the stock exchange. For example if someone wants to buy 1000 shares than he can place 500 stock order at cmp or little bit higher and remaining 500 at market price. For the case mentioned above the trader has $100K trading capital and wants to hold at least twenty stocks. If above mentioned conditions are true than it is right time to swap Surana Solar with next stock. If you want a more reliable stream of income, you might be attracted to preferred stock. The TCI XPS has tremendous growth and profitability potential, more specifically in ecommerce and high consumption driven sectors. TCI XPS will unlock huge value for investors and expected EPS would be more than 10. Courier sector stocks are trading at very high P/E ( Blue Dart P/E 74 and Gati P/E 58). Even if XPS will trade at 50 P/E than also it translate into more than 500. Remaining business left with TCI has enough strength to sustain the stock price after record date of demerger.


Clearance of GST bill will be an added advantage for XPS and TCI. It is only temporary fluctuation both market and stocks will recover quickly so nothing to worry about it. We have picked the stocks at mid of the process and Orient Electric is expected to list within next 4 months. Make a long list of all of the good things you have. Same time he has cash to invest in new stock which has good fundamental and trading at lower level. This is a stock that looks to be preparing for another move higher. On the other hand, and a brighter note, an excellent economy, large job market, and a clean community can entice people to move to this community from other areas. As on today, the entire country is in lock-down for 5th day (21 Days – 24th Mar’20 to 14th Apr’20) to prevent disease get worsening due to movement of people.